This focus meeting brings together leading researchers in the field of advanced materials and interfaces to discuss recent progress and perspectives in the areas of quantum technologies, topological materials, unconventional superconductivity, topological surface states and their interplay with conventional orders. A central point will be prospects and grand challenges of topological physics and its real-world applications. The meeting will help to promote the topic, enlarge the community interest in its development, and contribute to ensuring the leading role of topological research in condensed matter physics and beyond.

The meeting is organized by the International Research Centre MagTop.

Invited Speakers

Ana Akrap (University of Fribourg, Switzerland)
Kamran Behnia (ESPCI Paris, France)
Annica Black-Schaffer (Uppsala University, Sweden)
Sergey Borisenko (IFW Dresden, Germany)
Wojciech Brzezicki (Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland)
Hartmut Buhmann (Würzburg University, Germany)
Mario Cuoco (CNR SPIN, Italy)
Giuseppe Cuono (MagTop, IF PAN, Warsaw, Poland)
Piotr Deuar (IF PAN, Warsaw, Poland)
Tomasz Dietl (MagTop, IF PAN, Warsaw, Poland)
Tadeusz Domański (UMCS Lublin, Poland)
Arthur Ernst (University of Linz, Austria)
Sergey Frolov (University of Pittsburgh, USA)
Olena Gomonay (Mainz University, Germany)
Izabella Grzegory (IWC PAN, Warsaw, Poland)
Dariusz Kaczorowski (INTiBS Wrocław, Poland)
Aleksandr Kazakov (MagTop, IF PAN, Warsaw, Poland)
Alexander Lau (MagTop, IF PAN, Warsaw, Poland)
Marcin Matusiak (MagTop, IF PAN, Warsaw, Poland)
Laurens Molenkamp (Würzburg University, Germany)
Milan Orlita (LNCMI Grenoble and Toulouse, France)
Carmine Ortix (University of Salerno, Italy)
Mircea Trif (MagTop, IF PAN, Warsaw, Poland)
Jakub Zázvorka (Charles University, Prague, Czechia)

Program and Scientific Committee

Tomasz Dietl
Tomasz Wojtowicz
Carmine Autieri

Conference Chairs

Carmine Autieri (Chair)
Aleksandr Kazakov (Co-Chair)
Marcin Wysokiński (Co-Chair)
Alexander Lau (Co-Chair)

Organizing Committee

Aleksander Sanjuan Ciepielewski
Ghulam Hussain
Amar Fakhredine
Jakub Polaczyński
Bartłomiej Turowski
Ashutosh Wadge
Raghottam Sattigeri
Tania Paul

Funding information