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Architecture of the GaAs=AlGaAs device where SL sandwiched between the AuTi Schottky contact from the top and the heterojunction from the bottom. To deliver the incident microwave to the structure, it was placed along the wide wall of a single-ridged waveguide of 17 × 8 mm. Inset: TEM image of the superlattice.

New paper has been published in Physical Review Letters

Timo Hyart (MagTop), was co-author of this paper, where the authors report the first observation of the dissipative parametric generation in a subcritically doped GaAs=AlGaAs superlattice subjected to a dc bias and a microwave pump. They argue that the dissipative parametric mechanism originates from a periodic variation of the negative differential velocity.

Phys. Rev. Lett., 128, 236802 (2022)arXiv:2111.07715 (2021)

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