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Device for magnetron sputtering from target

 Over the past year, the MagTop (MBE Team) continued to be working with PREVAC on various aspects of ultra-high vacuum deposition systems, including MBE and sputtering systems. In particular the test has been performed on the performance of the new design of the magnetron for sputtering of ferromagnetic materials, which was the subject of the joint MagTop/PREAVAC application with the European Patent Office to protect a declaration of priority for the invention: “Device for magnetron sputtering from target” (application number EP22461556.7). This application was published by European Patent Office (Bulletin 2023/48, patent number: EP4283011A1) on November 29, 2023. Proof of concept was provided by an experimental demonstration carried out using a prototype source manufactured by PREVAC that a much thicker magnetic target (up to 6 mm) can now be used and a much larger target volume can be utilized (compare Figs. 1 and 2). Very important from a technological point of view is the achieved long-term stability of deposition rate of ferromagnets.

Fig. 1. 2” standard iron target with a thickness   of 2 mm with a visible narrow and uneven erosion track, leading to flux that is not constant during deposition. Fig. 2. Modified target with a central ring of the original thickness of 3-mm-thick, after many sputtering processes. It is clearly seen that its surface is flat, which means that the material is consumed evenly.
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