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Professor IF PAN Piotr Wojnar

Piotr Wojnar is PhD at the International Centre for Interfacing Magnetism and Superconductivity with Topological Matter. His Master degree he has obtained in the Faculty of Physics University of Warsaw in 2002 and PhD degree in the Institute of Physics Polish Academy of Sciences (PAS) in 2008 under supervision of Prof. Jacek Kossut for the dissertation entitled “Fabrication and optical properties of diluted magnetic CdMnTe quantum dots”.  Piotr Wojnar has completed his habilitation in 2017 also in the Institute of Physics, PAS for the scientific achievement entitled: “Optically active heterostructures in tellurium anion based nanowires”. In years 2008-2009 he worked at a post doctoral position at the Institute Néel CNRS (National Centre of Scientific Research) Grenoble. Starting from late 2009 he is employed in the Institute of Physics, PAS, first at a Adjunct position and since 2018, he is Associate Professor in this Institution. In 2022, Piotr Wojnar became the leader of the Laboratory of Growth and Physics of Low Dimensional Crystals. In course of his scientific career he has attended several short scientific visits at various foreign institutions including the University of Cincinatti, US (one month visit), two-month stay at the Technical University of Dortmund, and a scientific visit at Koahsiung University in Taiwan.

Piotr Wojnar was the principal investigator of several scientific projects including Iuventus Plus grant awarded by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education and lead two projects funded by the National Centre of Science (Poland) of Sonata and Sonata bis type, respectively. These projects were dedicated to the properties of nanowires and quantum dots built of II-VI semiconductors and resulted in numerous publications in internationally recognized journals including Nanoletters, Nanoscale, Physical Review B, Applied Physics Letters, Nanotechnology. Piotr Wojnar has lead successfully a team consisting of two PhD students, one post-doc and four students which aim was not only the nanowire design and fabrication by molecular beam epitaxy but also a detailed characterization of the samples and advanced magneto-optical experiments performed on individual nanostructures. This team was mainly dedicated to the experimental study but has worked in a close collaboration with theoreticians in order to obtain a deeper insight into the physical processes which take place within the nanostructures. One of the peculiarities of Piotr Wojnar’s research relies on the doping the nanostructures with magnetic ions which allows for the investigation of the enhancement of spin-related phenomena typical for diluted magnetic semiconductors in low dimensional structures characterized by the quantum confinement of charge carriers. Recently, the interest of Piotr Wojnar is enlarged towards novel materials including antimony triselenide which belongs to the family of one-dimensional van der Waals crystals, and indium selenide thin films which offer the opportunity of an effective the crystal phase control in the system for molecular beam epitaxy.

Piotr Wojnar was awarded by the Scientific Prizes of the Director of the Institute of Physics, PAS for the best habilitation in year 2017 and the best publication in year 2015. He has obtained also the scholarship of the French Government for research visits.

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