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Prof. Tomasz Wojtowicz

Tomasz Wojtowicz, is deputy head and professor of experimental physics at the International Centre for Interfacing Magnetism and Superconductivity with Topological Matter – MagTop, funded by the International Research Agenda project from the Foundation for Polish Science since 2017 and carried out at the Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences (IFPAN) in Warsaw, and leader of the MBE Group. He received his PhD in 1988 and his habilitation in 2000 in the field of experimental condensed matter physics at IFPAN, and was awarded the scientific title of Professor of Physical Sciences in 2005. From 2006 to 2018, he was head of the „Group of technology of low dimensional structures”, and head or deputy head of the “Laboratory of Physics and Growth of Low Dimensional Crystals”, which he co-founded and lunched at IFPAN in 1992. Later, he was the initiator and co-founder of the “Universal Technological Line for the Studies of Fabrication Processes of Nanostructures and Prototypes of Semiconductor, Superconductor and Metallic Devices (lunched in 2013) and the Institute’s “Interdivisional Laboratory of Technology of Semiconductor Nanostructures and Devices” (lunched in 2018). This Laboratory served as the material base for the MagTop project.

During his academic career, he has also worked abroad at various research centers in Europe, Japan, and the United States (including as post-doc (1988/1990) and then visiting professor (2001/2004) at the University of Notre Dame, US and visiting scholar at Purdue University, US (2014/2015)) for a total of more than seven years. He has directed a number of research projects, including the prestigious Maestro project of the National Science Centre (Poland). He has also received a Fulbright fellowship, a Master professorship grant from the Foundation for Polish Science (FNP), and a sabbatical fellowship of FNP. He is currently co-principal investigator of the IRA MagTop project he received with Prof. Tomasz Dietl.

His current research interests focus on developing concepts and growth technologies for novel material systems and devices that would incorporate magnetism and superconductivity into topological matter either directly (e.g., by doping with magnetic ions) or by interfacing topological matter with magnetic and/or superconducting materials in hybrid structures. He is a world-renowned specialist in the technology of fabricating nanostructures by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE). Nanostructures fabricated by him and under his supervision at IFPAN in Warsaw, as well as in the US, have been studied at many research institutions around the world, contributing to advances in many areas of solid state physics. He has co-authored more than 630 scientific papers, which have been cited more than 8 200 times, and has an H-index of 43 (WoS). He has also co-authored more than 100 invited lectures at international conferences, many of which were delivered by him. He also delivered two plenary lectures at major international conferences.

He was awarded the Gold Cross of Merit and the Knight’s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta. In 2013, for his scientific achievements, he was awarded the prestigious Prize of the Minister of Science and Higher Education for Outstanding Achievements in the Basic Research Category.

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