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Solution epitaxial growth of formamidinium (FA) lead bromide on lead sulfide single crystals. a) Sketch of the lattices in cross-sectional and  in-plane  view.  b–e)  Scanning  electron  microscopic  images  of  the  ordered  FAPbBr3  microcrystallites,  obtained  by  drop  casting  of  solu-tions with various precursor concentrations. f ) Histograms of the lateral dimensions of the micro-crystallites, deduced for four differently concentrated precursor solutions.

New paper has been published in Advanced Optical Materials

MagTop members, V. V. Volobuev, J. Korczak, T. Story, co-authored this work, where high-quality epitaxial growth of oriented microcrystallites on a semiconductor substrate was demonstrated for formamidinium lead bromide perovskite, by drop casting of precursor solutions in air.

Adv. Opt. Mater. 10, 2200237 (2022)[open access]

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