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Research visit of MagTop’s employees to VIGO

On January 30, 2020 group of 18 employees of MagTop have visited VIGO’s premises and met with VIGO’s employees.


After short description of the profile of VIGO company by Dr. Trajnerowicz, Prof. Dietl introduced MagTop as a whole and next introduced the members of his team (specifying field of their expertise) present at the meeting. Next similar introductions were done by the other team leaders. After this introduction the employees of VIGO gave 6 presentations concerning:

The MagTop’s employees were also given about 1 hour long tour in VIGO’s labs and production hall.

During the presentations and tour MagTop’s employees  asked several detailed questions about current most pressing problems of Vigo that could be the subjects of joint research and made some comments and propositions.

Production hall tour of Polish and English speaking MagTop’s employees

During the meeting it became quite clear that collaboration in some fields may start  immediately. It may concern numerical calculations and modeling of nanostructures that grown by VIGO, analysis of the noise of detectors, as well as, joint experimental research performed with use of electron beam lithography apparatus available in the IF PAN. On the other hand the meeting also served as a kind of preliminary “brain storming” on how topological materials, with their specific transport and thermoelectric properties, may become the basis of new devices, which could be jointly designed by VIGO and MagTop.

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