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New paper has been published in Nano Letters

The Letter provides micrometer-scale angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy of the exfoliated intralayer antiferromagnet MnPS3 above and below the Néel temperature down to one monolayer. Favorable comparison with density functional theory calculations carrier out at MagTop and the University of Warsaw enables identifying the orbital character of the observed bands. The deduced orbital mixture indicates that the superexchange is relevant for the magnetic interaction. There are only minor changes between monolayer and thicker films, demonstrating the predominant 2D character of MnPS3. The novel access is transferable to other MPX3 materials (M: transition metal, P: phosphorus, X: chalcogenide), providing several antiferromagnetic arrangements.

J. Strasdas, B. Pestka, M. Rybak, A. K. Budniak, N. Leuth, H. Boban, V. Feyer, I. Cojocariu, D. Baranowski, J. Avila, P. Dudin, A. Bostwick, C. Jozwiak, E. Rotenberg, C. Autieri, Y. Amouyal, L. Plucinski, E. Lifshitz, M. Birowska, M. Morgenstern, Electronic band structure changes across the antiferromagnetic phase transition of exfoliated MnPS3 probed by μ-ARPES, Nano Lett. 23, 10342 (2023)

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