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Symposium on the physics of Majorana bound states – Program of the Symposium

Symposium on the physics of Majorana bound states
on 5.01.2018
at the International Research Centre MagTop and the Institute of Physics Polish Academy of Sciences
(room D, al. Lotników 32/46, 02668, Warszawa – )



Dear Colleagues,

In order to keep our informal Symposium in the spirit of discussion we offer speakers 20 minutes for the presentation and 10 minutes for questions (30 minutes in total). The introductory lecture on the Majorana physics by prof. Tadeusz Domański is the only exception and it is intended for 45 minutes plus 15 minutes for questions.

We would like to stress that the Symposium is open and all your coworkers and colleagues are welcome to take part in our event!

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Symposium!

Marcin M. Wysokiński

On behalf of the organizers of the Symposium

prof. Tomasz Dietl and prof. Andrzej Wiśniewski

Program of the Symposium

(See the pictures from the Symposium!)

9.00 10.00 T. Domański Introductory lecture on the Majorana physics
10.00 10.30 T. Dietl Majorana-like excitations in a ferromagnetic topological crystalline insulator
10.30 11.00 M. Maśka Majorana states in disordered nanowires
11.00 11.30                               Coffee break
11:30 12.00 M. Mierzejewski Majorana modes in systems with many-body interactions
12.00 12.30 T. Wojtowicz Towards new semiconductor-based platform supporting Majorana Fermions
12.30 13.00 I. Weymann Transport properties of a hybrid Majorana wirequantum
dot system in the Kondo regime
13.00 13.30 W. Brzezicki Orbital Majorana states in a hybrid oxide system
13.30 14.30                              Lunch break
14.30 15.00 N. Sedlmayr The Superconductivity of Topologically Protected Surface States
15.00 15.30 M. Nowak Renormalization of Majorana bound state decay length due to orbital effects of a magnetic field
15.30 16.00 P. Stefański Does Majorana state possess spin ?
16.00 16.30 M. Pacholski Topologically protected Landau level in the vortex
lattice of a Weyl superconductor

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