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(a) Topography and (b) dI=dU map measured at the Dirac point (Uset ¼ 120 mV)) of two intersecting at 90° singlestep edges, both running along the sample’s high symmetry directions. (c) Color-coded raw dI=dU spectra measured along step-edge running in [100] marked with the hatched line in (a);. (d) Second derivative (d3I=dU3) of the same signal in (c). Stabilization parameters: Uset ¼ 120 mV, Iset ¼ 0.2 nA.

New paper has been published in Physical Review Letters

In this paper, Tomasz Story, MagTop member, worked in collaboration with scientists from Würzburg university in order to systematically investigate the coupling between one-dimensional edge states of a Topological Crystalline Insulator by using scanning tunneling spectroscopy.

Phys. Rev. Lett. 126, 236402 (2021)arXiv:2105.07774v1 (2021)

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